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Welcome to the Walsh Pages!
The motivation for putting these pages up was the fact that the project I commenced some years ago: converting a Kawasaki GPz 550 to run on battery power (!!!) is now complete (running anyway) - that, and having a broadband connection - meant it was time to show something.

I'm married to Caroline with three grown-up daughters, check us out on the Family pages

I've motorcycled around London since 1978, on a variety of two wheeled steeds. Read what I have to say about Motorcycling and my current bikes (no pun intended) a Yamaha FZ600 (2 project bikes too:Honda VF500F2 and a Kawasaki GPz305 belt drive).

During my Web based research into Electric Vehicles, I discovered that the cars converted were definitely not milk-floats, but in fact were quite often performance vehicles and due to the fact that a well set up EV can easily do burn-outs (due to the high torque developed right from zero revs) I was hooked. Environmental concerns of course!

I came across several (mainly US based) links, including home-pages of motorcycle conversions, but there is a UK scene too. Here in Britain we actually manufacture and produce both world-renowned motors which have an excellent power to weight ratio, as well as a great range of motor controllers. I have used items from both the Lynch Motor company and 4QD, but have no affiliation with them.

In January 2008 I acquired a 2nd user car, a 51k mile, classic Toyota Prius 'petrol/electric hybrid' and decided to document my findings and any hack I came up with. I'll kick off with some Pros and Cons from my point of view - then go on to describe how I intend to double my electric range. Please mail me with any Prius 'hacks' of your own.

As what you read here may induce you to start your own conversions, could the more litigious among you please read the disclaimer? Carrying out a conversion does require workshop skills and is inherently dangerous.

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