Suzuki Bandit Parts Compatibility Information.


This page lists what I believe to be correct info re Bandits and compatible parts. As always - check with a Dealer before buying something described here. i.e. this info is provided as-is and please - no flame emails if something is incorrectly descibed as fitting.

The following is correct to the best of my knowledge. If you either know different or know of compatible parts I haven't listed here, let me know please. If you would like to read what I've got to say about the bikes I have owned instead, then click here.

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Brake Discs

The RF900 shares the same brake discs as does the "single front disc" Bandit 400. I'm told that the GS500 also has a single B12 type disc.

More on Brake discs:

Bandit Brake Disc fits:
  • RGV250 (J/K/L 88-90)
  • GSX400 (FJ-FL 88-90)
  • GSX400 Impulse S (94-96)
  • GSXR400RR GK73A (88-90)
  • GSF400 bandit (89-93 import models)
  • RF400 (93 onward)
  • GSF600 bandit (all years)
  • GSX600 (89-2002 NOT early FJ model)
  • RF600 (93-97)
  • SV650 (99-2002)
  • GSX750 (89-2002)
  • GSX1200 (99)

    The Bandit 1200 is fitted with a GSXR1100 engine, that has been fitted with cams that are not as 'hot' as those in a stock Gsxr - hence the Gsxr hot cam upgrade mentioned 'here and there' on the web.

    Headrace Bearings

    The Bandit head-race bearings are Taper Roller (not ball) bearings.

    These are a bit of a sod to get out - you will need a curved bar (a tyre lever does nicely) to tap out the old ones.

    Suzuki early 1200 Bandit

    part#  upper
    32005 47x25x15mm part# lower
    32006 55x30x17mm

    Fitting Up-side-down forks (USD)
    Hyabusa and Gixer 1000 forks are 730mm long,the bandits are 770 so you'll need yokes milled up to compensate for the loss of length,you'll need different disks and front wheel or caliper bracket spacers of some kind (smaller diameter if the forks are from the K3 1000 or larger if from the K1/K2 Gsxr) The internals will need altering as the bandit is about 40 KG heavier than the Gsxr,If you fabricate new yokes you'll either have to make a new stem or canibalise your old stem. If the forks are off a TL/R 1000 they will also be short, and you will have speedo problems too as the TLs forks don't have provision for a mechanical speedo drive mechanism. Get a custom made top yoke made from billet, As this is a lot of work - you'd be much better off buying GSXR 1100 forks -if you can get them!

    Bandit 1200 Tyres
    Front Tyre Size 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) tubeless
    Rear Tyre Size 180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) tubeless

    Tokico 6-pot calipers:
    Go straight on: Kawasaki ZX6R, ZX7R and ZX9R, Suzuki GSXR 600/750, TL1000S and R, 1200 Bandit (90mm hole centres)

    Brakes from the 1996 GSX-R1100 are reported to fit the Bandit 1200, but may require shimming with washers.