Software for Alltrax controllers

Here is some software that will communicate with the Alltrax AXE controllers.

Alltrax software


I've created an Android smart-phone application that can display and log data from an Alltrax controller.
I'm part of the South Eastern BVS group - we are currently rebuilding last years sprint bike (which achieved 64 MPH in 2012) and have upgraded the motor, batteries and gearing - but we lacked a data logger and so found it difficult to establish what to focus on to improve the bikes speed.

We calculate that this bike performs - on a test bench - at around 112 maximum MPH * without factoring in losses due to drag of course *
We are using an Alltrax Axe type controller, which has a 9-pin D trype serial port on it.
(note: you need some hardware to make this work, see below. Also your phone must be capable of operating as a USB host)

My smartphone has a micro USB port on it. To connect the Serial port of the controller to my Android phone I used a Prolific PL2303 converter/adaptor.
I downloaded their sample serial comms app sample here

...and managed to read in the controller's voltage, current, temperature and throttle position.
It worked a treat. Not too much good as a datalogger as I wasn't logging speed though.

I then downloaded a GPS (GPSLogger) application (source code of) from Sourceforge:
here or on GITHUB here
I then amalgamated the 2 apps to create (a hybrid!) app that displays and records:
Latitude, Longditude, Speed, Elevation, Direction and... the controller Voltage, Current, Temperature and Throttle position (as a percentage).

It is written in Java and runs on android (requires an android phone with version 2.7 API level 7 on it)

It both displays and records the data to a comma separated file if you wish.

Phone Application DOWNLOAD

The built android application is here It is about 2 Mb.
Either save onto your SD card on your phone and install from there by browsing to it using a file manager or grab APK Installer from the play store and use that.
If you want to play with the source code, you will need a Java IDE, the android SDK and, well Mendhak tells you how to get started with his GPS the Sourceforge link above.
The entire sourcecode is downloadable here I used the IntelliJ IDE.
Basically the jar: pl2303lib_2.0.5.15-20130509.jar is used to do the serial comms and the GPS Logger app for the GPS info and logger
Have fun!

Hardware Required

you need 2 things:
1. An On-The-Go cable to connect to your phone, allowing it to act as Host to the Alltrax controller, like these OTG cables on Amazon. more info here.

2. A Prolific Serial-to-USB adapter device with the PL2303HXD, PL2303EA, or PL2303RA controller chip, like these:
Prolific Serial-to-USB adapter on Amazon or Prolific Serial-to-USB adapter on eBay
which will allow the RS-232 serial communications on the Alltrax AXE controller to communicate with your USB phone.
NB will not work and is not required with the new Alltrax SPM range of controllers as they are USB already.
Coming soon: a version of my the GPS logger application that will work with the Alltrax SPM series of controllers....