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Last reviewed: 26 November 2011

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1. Anti-virus and Anti-SPAM S/W 2. ASP and HTML - Web Design
3. Computer Aided Design CAD 4. AntiVirus Free download sites
5. Computer Vision 6. Carlos Castaneda New Age Etc.
7. EV Electric Vehicles 8. Electric Vehicles - Homebuilt
9. Lathe/Engineering Sites 10. Leatherwork Sites
11. Metalwork and supplies 12. VB NET and ASP.NET sites
13. VB Script Samples 14. Web Building Software
15. Wing Chun Kung Fu 16. Miscellaneous - unsorted
17. DVD - burning info etc. 18. eBooks free downloads
19. Games - 3D & 1st Person 20. Judo - some UK info
21. Bearing Manufacturers 22. Motorcycles & Biker sites
23. Broadband - NTL World Etc. 24. Satellite broadcast sites
25. Search Engines - bit dated 26. eShopping - buy something!
27. Volkswagen - VW links 28. Crossword Aids - bit sparse
29. XML Tools (will be enlarged) 30. Zen - says it all really.
31. A few Java Sites 32. I'll think of something.

1. Anti-virus and Anti-SPAM S/W
Computer Cops - information security
SpamMotel - Download
Trend Micro
2. ASP and HTML - Web Design
aspModules.com -- for Web Developers
Q301097 - HOW TO Build Your First ASP Application in Microsoft Active Server Pages
3. Computer Aided Design CAD
AutoCAD Iobjects Resource for Autocad & 3D studio Max
4. AntiVirus Free download sites
Anti-Virus News
Symantec - Removal Tools Page
5. Computer Vision
Computer Vision Research - Color-Based Matching
6. Carlos Castaneda New Age Etc.
Bob Peterson's Home Page
BrainWave Generator
Carlos Castaneda
Experiences in the Etheric and Astral
Saltcube - OBE Guide
7. EV Electric Vehicles
1000 W hub motor
Advanced D.C. Motors Inc
Alan Grimmett
AllBatteries - battery packs
Alternative Vehicles Technology (AVT) SuperMotor
Battery models
Battery Vehicle Society
Battery Vehicle Society - Electric Vehicle Association
BSL on-line (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Bulgin Components, Manufacturers of Connectors
Bull electrical (UK surplus)
City Seals and Bearings Limited Sheffield and Rotherham
Cloud Electric Vehicles - DC Electric Vehicles and Home Power Supplies
Cloud Electric Vehicles - Homepage (USA)
CMACM Technologies (12v)
Curtis Instruments (UK), Ltd
DC Accessories (USA)
Direct Current Traction Motor Systems - Trains
Diverse Motor Controller (USA Based, but will post items)
DMS technologies (UK)
Do-It-Yourself LEV (US)
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) (UK)
E Tek motor from Briggs and Stratton (USA)
ebikecentral - UK EV shop (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
eCycle Motorcycles, Powertrains
Edan Technology Inc.Taiwan based Li-ion Manufacturer
e-Go - a nice UK EV site (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Electric Bicycle Kit (NIMH)
Electric Vehicle Component Retail Businesses in the World
Electric Vehicles UK
Electro Automotive Electric Car Conversions (USA)
Electrobikes web site - Electric Scooters (USA)
Electroportal. Charger Electric Bicycles, E-Bike kits (USA)
EV Finder - nice US site
EV List Yahoo! (registration required)
ev mail archive
EV Motor Page (Torque curves)
Evans Cycles (UK)
evdirect.com (USE)
evparts.com. Great US site
EVT TECHNOLOGY CO. Great scooters (Taiwan)
F2 The Swap - Electric motorcycle (UK)
firstchoicedirect HTD Belts
Frazer-Nash Research Limited
Gates Belts, Hose and Hydraulics
Gates Europe
Global Industrial Products - Power Component Specialist
Golden Island hub motor
Gorilla Electric Vehicles
Heinzmann GmbH Brushless Hub Wheel Motor
Home build car (USA)
Horsepower Calculator
HPC Gears (UK)
Hub Motor
Jackal electric bicycle (USA)
Jackshaft Ratio Calculator (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Jeephead's Electric Vehicle Links Page
John Davies welding cable
KAMware TopSpeed Motorcycle Performance Calculator
Laurence, Scott & Electromotors
LEMCO Limited
Manzanita Micro Homepage (Rich Rudman)
Max Hall - Homepage
MetricMind - AC motors and controllers. Detailed AC conversion
Mike Thompson
Motion control products
ONDrives (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
OPTIMA batteries
Paul Compton
Pete's Cyber Cafe - Electric Vehicles etc.
Peukert's equation
Plug It In - UK based EV site
POWABYKE The Pollution Solution
Scooters from Granby
SEM - servomotor designers and manufacturers
soopah.com - Lithium-ion Battery
SurplusEV.com (USA)
The big Cheese Robot Company - Motors (USA)
The Maxion: Tilting three-wheeler
The MDI Air Car - the world's cleanest car.
The Welding Centre
Thunderstruck controllers
traction-batteries (UK)
Trax - Hmm, wouldn't ship to me though.
Unique Mobility, manufacturer of brushless pm motor & controls
Variable speed drive catalog (It's a pdf file)
Vehicle Wiring - Batt Terms
Voloci electric motorbikes
Welcome to E-Bike
WYKO Web Store (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Yahoo! Groups Ariel
Yahoo! Groups ev
8. Electric Vehicles - Homebuilt
Eric Klatt's homebuilt scooter (USA) (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Eric Peltzer: home build electric bicycle site - Interesting site (USA)
Eric Peltzer's Ebike - Early Versions
John Fairstein's Electric Motorcycle
Ken Norwick's 'EV2 My Electric Kawasaki'
Philippe's Homebuilt Aprilia Extrema
9. Lathe/Engineering Sites
A Homebuilt Metal Cutting Lathe
Avery Knight & Bowlers - modelling tools (UK)
Axminster Power Tool Centre
BSL - Welcome to the BSL Home Page
Budget Machinery
CJ Machinery
College Engineering
College Engineering (UK) Engineering supplies, steel etc.
College Engineering Supply
Enco -- The Right Tool At The Right Price!
Engineers Tool Room
Masters In Engineering Degree site
G & M Tools UK
Hemingway Workshop Accessories Catalogue
Home and Workshop Machinery
Home Tap Die
IS&G Steel
JA Crew Engineering Supplies
Lawson HIS Tools
Machine Mart
Machine Tool Service - (UK)
Metal Supermarkets
Model Engineering (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Model Engineering and Home Shop Machining
Myford Gear Calculator Software
Myford Info
Phase Converter
poor man digital read out
PrimeTools (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Rapid electronics - tools
Screwfix Direct
Sputnik: small Soviet cutting tools
StartTips EV news/links site - Holland based
t o o l c o - tools
tim dixon machine tools
Tool Shop Direct
Tracy Tools Ltd
Varmint Al's Mini Lathe Page
Warco - Quality Machine Tools
10. Leatherwork Sites
Le Prevo Leathers sewing tools
11. Metalwork and supplies
Chain, Links and Guards for Go Karts and Mini Bikes
City Bearings & Transmission
Drive Belts - www.ElectricScooterParts.com
EKP Supplies Home Page
Gates Belts
Go Kart Sprockets & Mini Bike Sprockets
Renold plc - International Engineering Group.
Steel (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
The Welders Warehouse
12. VB NET and ASP.NET sites
.NET Developer's Network (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
devCity.NET - article - Screen Scraping
13. VB Script Samples
.NET, Dotnet
Access Refer to Form and Subform
CDOLive - Code Sample Library
CodeGuru Visual Basic
Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) in Outlook-Exchange Development
Developing COM Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook
Dutch's Visual Basic Library
Free Microsoft Access Tutorials and Courses
FreeVBCode.com -- Free, High-Quality Visual Basic Samples and Code
Programmer's File Format Collection
TheScarms Visual Basic Code Library
Universal Data Access Using ADO
VB Helper Tutorials
VBnet Visual Basic Developers
VBScript Features (Reference)
VBScript Functions
VBScript Reference (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Video Capture Help
Windows 95 API Guide G
Zarr's VB Website
14. Web Building Software
bellsnwhistles.com - free resources -
Evrsoft - Cool Software for Web Builders
Salkow Territory's HTML VISUAL BASIC Resouces
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
WebCounter Creation Page (Digits - good)
15. Wing Chun Kung Fu
Anton Van Thomas
Canadian Ving Tsun Academy
Focus Pads & Shields
Home of Ving Tsun Kung Fu
internal strength
Ip Mans Ving Tsun Kung Fu
londonfreestylekarateclub.com (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Martial Force shop (UK)
Renzo Tat - 3 Roads Oriental
Riaz - South London Association
The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Victor Kan Ving Tsun Kung Fu
Ving Tsun Forum
Wai-Po Tang
Wing Chun - Chinese Internal Arts WCDKA UK @ Index
Wing Chun - Ip Chun Wing Chun Kuen Martial Arts Association - Main contents page
Wing Chun Directory - Authentic Kung-Fu
Wing Chun Kung Fu - South London Association (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
WingTsun NWTO GB Organisation UK
Wong - Clive Potter Wing Chun site
Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Association UK
Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu
16. Miscellaneous - unsorted
1st Page 2000 Support Forum
Alan's Homespace - Excel Expert!
BabelFish Language Translation
BBC Weather - 5 Day Forecast
BROMLEY COLLEGE (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Bromley Library
BT Phone bill etc.
Bull electrical home page
CFS Glass Fibre
Croydon College Programme Search
Display Electronics- surplus
DriverHeaven.net - News
ePSXe Playstation emulator for the PC
Extreme Visual Basic Forum
Files32.com - Shareware
Findit Database Search
Friends Reunited Message Board
Go Daddy domain name
Heart Internet Resellers - Hosting - Domains
Jack London The Star Rover
Johannes Wallroth Coding homepage
Kevin Boone
Langley Park School for Girls Online
lighching Web Page (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
loft ladder
Loot Magazine On-Line
Machine Mart - Britain's No 1 for Tools & Equipment
Maplin Electronics
MapQuest UK
Mei Chaun Tai Chi
motherboard MS 6147 (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Multi Map
National Rail Enquiries
NEXT - On-line Shopping
Otto's Baroque Musick
parcelforce -- parcelforce home
PC Hardware reviews, overclocking info etc.
phil ringnalda dot com Bloggs
QA Forums
quality bicycles and bicycle accessories - UK Shopping
RADEON Previous Driver versions
Sakar Web Cam
Searching the Technical Database (Knowledge Base)
Some (en)chanting links ...
Spark Political Issues
St. John's Smith Square
Submit your website to search engines
SYSTRAN - Language Translation
TechniSat Digital GmbH
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The Ixion FAQ-Font-of-wisdom The Contents Page
Time Travel in Flatland
TrueTeX - Richard Kinch
US Patent Full-Text Database Number Search (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
US Surplus sources
Voodoo Graphics Driver Info
weather.co.uk - UK - Precipitation Forecast (24 hr) and weather maps
WebMag Resource for Web Builders
Word Search
Your Free Translation
ZDNet UK Search
17. DVD - burning info etc.
DVD Encoding-Conversion Utilities Downloads - Page 1
DVD Infomatrix
DVD region patches for dvd-rom players
Free video, webcam
List of Freeware Programs for DVD Backup by Mijo Rebic (aka Okami)
MPEGX.com Daily News of VCD, DVD
18. eBooks free downloads
Baen Free Ebook Library (Science Fiction) (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Usenet replayer fantasy
19. Games - 3D & 1st Person
chUmbaLum sOft, MilkShape 3D
Clan {PPP}
Delta Force Land Warrior
FilePlanet - The Ultimate Resource for Gaming Files
FilePlanet - The Ultimate Resource for Gaming Files
GameServers.Net - Online Gaming - Main
GameSpy Arcade
http--wwwx.netheaven.com-~simple3d- (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
IDENTITY CRISIS - All the best Skins
Index of -pub-unreal-levels-singleplayer
Modeling & Skinning Tools, Tutorials
NovaLogic.com - Official Website
Simtel.Net - A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware
The UT Newbie Mappers Guild
Totally Unreal - Unreal & Unreal Tournament Resource
UT server Unreal Tournament stuff (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
utassault.net. The Unreal Tournament Assault Network.
WebRing hub
Wing Chun VR
www.ut.jolt.co.uk - jolt online gaming - clanserver rental - tournaments - news - servers
20. Judo - some UK info
Croydon Judo Club
Kodomokai R.H. - BJC clubs in the South London Area
Official Judo Information
Paragon Martial Arts Judo
21. Bearing Manufacturers
Bearings (BSL)
FAG bearings
INA-Schaeffler KG
Nachi Europe (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
NTN Bearings
SKF in the UK
Timken Bearings
22. Motorcycles & Biker sites
1994 Yamaha FZR600R
ABE Motorcycle Brake Discs/Fork Stanchions and Shock Absorber Repairers
Accessories and Spares - BikeSource Directory
Aluminium Petrol Tanks
Bandit Fiche
Bandit Owners
Bando Belts(GPZ)
Bat Motorcycles
Bike Torque Racing
BikersWeb Parts & Accessories (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Bikestyle Homepage
Bonanza Motorcycles
Busters Motorcycle Accessories
Demon Tweeks
Fork Seal-Dust Seal Kit Dimension Chart
FWR LTD Britain's Cheapest Tyres!.
GSXR streetfighter message board
Harley Belt (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
HEL Performance Motorcycle Brake Line Kits
HM Racing
Holeshot Racing
Jet Kit (Patman)
Jet Kit (Patman) (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
LOOBMAN - chain lubrication system
LOOBMAN - chain lubrication system
M&P - Welcome to MandP Motorcycles
McMaster-Carr Bits
MotorbikesUK.net Motorbikes
Motorcycle Accessories from Busters
Motorcycles classified adverts at FreeAds.co.uk
MPS The Fast One - Motorcycle spares to order online
PatternParts.NET - UK Suppliers of pattern motorcycle parts
Pete & Rusty's Place
QuikTrak Networks
Robinsons Foundry
TTW - Motorized
UK Motorcycles (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
UKBIKE.COM BIKES AND SPARES FOR SALE (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Used Motorcycle Guide
VULCAN 800 D.V. BELT DRIVE SYSTEM (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Wemoto Parts Emporium
Yamaha FZR250 Forum
23. Broadband - NTL World Etc.
Email Account Manager
ntlworld - dial up and broadband website from ntlhome
24. Satellite broadcast sites
Astra 1
Brymar Satellite
Eurobird 1 & Astra 2A-2B-2D at 28.2 E - LyngSat
LyngSat - Lyngemark Satellite
Manual tuning for Sky Digital.
SatCure satellite Tech
Satellite Control Center SatcoDX
Swedish Microwave
Weather Satellite Pictures (David & Cecilia Taylor)
25. Search Engines - bit dated
Excite UK
GoTo - We Power Results.
Lycos Computers Free Downloads (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Overture/Yahoo - Search Performance/Marketing
W3 Search Engines XML
26. eShopping - buy something!
1-2 Customized Kit
Bargain Warehouse
Bargains UK
CCL Computers
CD WOW! - Welcome to CD WOW!
Classic Marine (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Components UK
CPC - Farnell
dabs.com - Home
Discount Bicycles
Dominion Online - (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
eBay UK - Your Personal Trading Community
Handtools Online - Leather
Insight UK -
M & M Sports
Maplin Electronics
Over-Clock UK
Planet Micro
Preloved Auction
price-guide UK
Priceline - Name Your Own Price for airline tickets and hotels
QXL Auctions
QXL.com PC parts
redstore.com - [ pcs - components - peripherals ]
Scan Computers UK
Sherwoods Photo Ltd - Night vision equipment, Digital camera accessories
Silicon Group
Simply Computers
The Digital Camera Company - Digital Cameras and Accessories at very low prices with excellent service
Toolstation - CHEAP tools & free P&P
Vac Creations - Importers & Wholesalers
Virgin Megastores
www.ishop.co.uk - The UK's premier online shopping mall - Secure online shops
27. Volkswagen - VW links
Aircooled Volkswagen Bus Stop
Aircooled Volkswagen Links
Aircooled VW (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
Haynes - Manuals
rec.autos.vw F.A.Q
The VW Type 3 & 4 Club Homepage
Tires for your Vanagon
VW Parts UK
VW TYPE 3 Parts Book
Wheel spacers-adapters
28. Crossword Aids - bit sparse
ELA Acronym, Dictionary & Glossary Directory (broken link when checked 26 Nov 06)
29. XML Tools (will be enlarged)
4GuysFromRolla.com - Using Microsoft's XMLHTTP Object to Get Data From Other Web Pages
December 1999 Converting Flat File Content into XML and Vice Versa
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Free XML Editor
Overview of XML Convert
XML Features of MS Office 2003
30. Zen - says it all really.
BuddhaNet Audio File Library
Buddhist Studies WWW VL
Zen Judo
31. A few Java Sites
Java FTP Client Library (meet Bea too)
JavaScript Source Search Results
Jave Tutorial and SDK
32. I'll think of something.